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The Big one is coming.
Are you Ready?

Geopolitica Technologies predicts the next large-scale global conflict will begin between January 2024 and July 2025.

We are actively engaging in crisis response efforts to support what will likely be an unprecedented scale of impact.

The Crisis Graph Data Model Project

We recently embarked on a mission to model available crisis datasets as a network of connections to better understanding the dynamics of active crisis situations using cutting-edge technology and data infrastructure.

Geopolitica's Global Monitor

Our flagship product predicts trends in country risk over a 2-week window, and updates daily to accommodate real-time situational changes.

GivingTuesday's Crisis & Generosity Working Group

As a key technical partner of the Crisis & Generosity Working group, Geopolitica provides technical support to the 150+ member working group to better understand how generosity flows in a time of crisis.

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About the Founder

Geopolitica was founded by Brittany Witham, who after many years of studying geopolitics, began searching for a better way to analyze political data, driven by the strong suspicion that the current world system was about to change.

In 2021 she founded Geopolitica and designed an algorithm that went on to predict the Russian invasion of Ukraine with three days’ notice. Shortly after, the company pivoted from preemptive analysis of potential geopolitical risks; to scoping the impact and duration of active crises. This led to circulating data products in the humanitarian space in hopes of making a tangible impact on the lives of civilians caught in a crisis.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, she now lives in Montréal, Canada with her VFX-artist husband and two fluffy cats.

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